Web Hosting Report Printed with PHP

The following report is printed using PHP functions:

This is a short report on the advantages and disadvantages in reference to using my selected web host, Hostica.net. This will explore the advantages and disadvantages of using the selected webhost.


Setting up the initial hosting of the web site is extremely easy. It is so easy that it is almost too easy to go through the process and purchase the website too quickly. For someone, such as myself, who relatively knew what they were looking for, it was fairly easy to find the information quickly and make a selection of what product I would need to choose. For someone who is unexperienced, it seems they could quite easily find what they are looking for, or get additional information to make an informed decision. Having unfettered access to things like PHP and SQL is also a huge plus.


One of the biggest disadvantages to setting up with Hostica is that initially you cannot set up your domain privately, or at least there is not an obviousness as to how to do so. The morning that my website went live, I woke up to approximately 20 new emails, multiple text messages, and missed calls indicating various solicitations about offering web design services. Additionally, selecting your domain information to be private is an additional fee, which is not advertised on the website. To register with hostica and maintain private information, it costs a total of $75 per year, which is a bit much for a fairly basic website with no developer tools. However, in the grand scheme of things, it's less than a typical textbook for a class. However, it is extremely essential that, in future classes, professors warn students about providing this information publicly, as many students may not know this.